Breedlove Barbados Blackbellies

For Sale: Quality registered Barbados Blackbelly sheep breeding stock; starter flocks and individual sheep for sale from multiple bloodlines.  Have some sheep available who have birthed or sired twins and triplets.  Cost is $300 each; $350 for bred ewes.  Discount for five or more sheep.  

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Terms:  Buyer to pay the cost of a health inspection (required for interstate transport), which is $89 per group sold.  All sheep are or will be registered prior to transport.  To reserve sheep, buyers must send a 50% deposit on the cost of the sheep, plus 100% of the health inspection cost.  The remaining amount due is required in cash at pickup, or if by check, is required at least 1 week before pickup or shipment. I will hold sheep for up to a month after receipt of deposit at no charge.  Beyond one month there will be a $1.00/day /sheep boarding charge.

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