Eileen Breedlove and her husband Bill live on their seven-acre farm 20 miles east of Albany, Oregon. After Eileen retired as an engineering manager for the Oregon Department of Transportation, they  decided to raise Barbados Blackbelly sheep. After doing a lot of research, they determined that Barbados Blackbelly are the ideal breed for sheep enthusiasts not interested in wool. The breed is also ideally suited to western Oregon's wonderful climate. 

The Breedloves also have Great Pyrenees guardian dogs, since cougars like the climate as well! Bill and Eileen both have previous experience with livestock, and Eileen raised and showed purebred dogs for years, so she is familiar with genetics. Eileen is committed to preserving the genetic pool of these wonderful sheep, and has been instrumental in forming a community of BB breeders in the Pacific Northwest. She is the long-time registrar for the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Association Int'l (BBSAI), the breed registry for both breeds of blackbelly sheep.

Breedlove Barbados Blackbellies

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